Texas Sports Betting Online

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In Texas

1) Where are the federal gambling posted for me to read?

You will have to search for each law individually.

2) What about the laws written about gambling by the Texas government?

If you visit http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/ you can search for the laws directly.

3) Is Bovada legal in the state of Texas?

If you want to bet on sports with Bovada, you do not have to worry about any criminal complications.

4) Are there any caveats to depositing with a credit card?

Your credit card deposits may fail due to the UIGEA, but you should be able to get your card to work as some sportsbooks have a 100% guarantee deposit rate.

5) How many sportsbooks can I join from this list?

You can have only one account per sportsbook. Opening any additional accounts will result in having one or all of them closed.

6) How fast can I receive my winnings from these sports wagering sites?

You are generally able to have your money shipped back to you in under 14 days, but this is dependent on the betting site you choose.

7) How secure are these sports betting sites?

We have found that, between secure databases and encrypted connections, these betting sites we have listed are totally free of theft, financial or identity.

8) Has a Texas bettor ever been arrested for gambling on sports over the Internet?

No, and there never will be under the current laws in place.

9) Who authorizes and regulates the betting sites to be found here?

There are various gambling authorities that regulate these sites, including the government Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, and even Canada.

10) What about taxes? Must they be paid on the gambling winnings I earn from these online sportsbooks?

Yes, you have to pay taxes on all money you earn regardless of the source. We do not recommend tax evasion.