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In this review of Bovada Sportsbook, we will strive to answer all of the questions you might have of the well-known sports betting website. If ever there were a household name in sports betting, Bovada would be it. This sportsbook has quickly become one of the best USA sportsbooks.

Bovada Sportsbook first opened its doors to American bettors in 2011, after breaking off from its UK affiliate, Bodog. The rights for Bovada were purchased by the Mohawk Morris Gaming Group, one of the most respected gaming groups in the business. Bovada operates out of Kahnawake, Canada.

While the site has been operating legally since it opened its doors, they willingly gave up their licensing this past year. This came on the heels of a policy change made by the licensing committee, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Despite no longer holding a license, Bovada remains atop the online gambling world.

Bovada has the highest traffic of any online gambling platform that provides legal online sports betting in the US. This site is certified by the proper authorities and still remains under the regulations of the gaming commission in Canada. This book provides a legal, safe, secure sports betting option to US bettors. Below, we will answer your most frequently asked questions about the site in this in-depth Bovada Sportsbook review.

Is Bovada A Legitimate Sportsbook That Can Be Trusted?

Is It Legal For Americans To Use Bovada?

It is legal for Americans to use Bovada. This sportsbook allows for bettors to safely and securely place bets on their favorite sporting events. This is because it is an online, offshore company. It does not fall under the jurisdiction of US federal laws, providing a safe environment for US bettors that is accessible in all 50 states.

Using Bovada does not break any federal laws. PASPA prevents states from regulating sports betting. Because there is no US legislation in any state that regulates the sportsbook Bovada, PASPA is not being violated. The Wire Act states that no one can take a wager over a line of communication. But as a US law, this only applies to US sportsbooks. As Bovada is Canadian, and the people taking the bets at Bovada are in Canada, the Wire Act is not being violated. Bovada is legal for Americans to use.